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            WACO Tool Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., formerly known as New Blade Tin Measuring Co., Ltd., is the second restructuring of Wuxi Measuring Tools Factory. It has been engaged in tool production for more than 40 years. Products and tools are mainly divided into four categories: measuring tools, measuring tools and machine tools. Tools, tools and products of various specifications, including saws, cutters, center drills, solid carbide cutters, and reamers, end milling cutters and non-standard cutters. Measuring tools are mainly digital micrometer, digital vernier caliper and large caliper. The main products of measuring instruments are active inner and outer circle measuring instrument, gear runout instrument, special testing instrument and comprehensive testing instrument. The machine tool is a special high-speed mill for twist drill, milling cutter and groove grinder.
            Tools specialized in the production as a unit, the company well-equipped, advanced technology, complete testing means. For a long time, "" quality brand products at home and abroad a wide range of trust. The company is ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification enterprises in 2002, Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology companies have been assessed as private enterprises and high-tech enterprises in Wuxi City, in September 2003 by the Wuxi Municipal Economic and Trade Commission approved the establishment Tools Technical Center, 2005 Science and Technology Department has been recognized as provincial high-tech enterprises.
            Tin times the amount of the company will continue to offer customers high performance, high-quality Tools products.

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