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High-tech measuring instruments to form a market leading force within five years
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      We can not be separated in real life, the total measurement tools, measuring tools if not, life will become a mess. With the development of technology, measurement tools are also increasingly from the traditional toward the development of high technology.
      When a carpenter did the work with tape measure, do you believe he can do a good job? If in the past, he certainly can not work, but penetrated into all fields of high technology today, you should be confident that with modern high-tech measuring tools, carpenters to do the work better than before. With these modern tools, not only can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy is much higher than the original. In this way, we can even throw in a traditional old tools side.
      A new measurement tool using modern optical technology and electronic technology to calculate the distance, but also can accurately decorated nails, pipes, wall to locate the dark lines. The main practical use for the present it is: Use low-cost laser technology for distance measurement and targeting.
      For example, the United States Stamler Company production of "reasonable thing Wright" fast measuring only two feet long, this little tool can be able to send a laser beam 100 feet long, to measure the distance or orientation of a target. Another example of other types of modern high-tech tools are also using a laser beam on the floor, wall and ceiling vertical and horizontal lines on the sketch, paintings and loading doors to work more easily.
      Other high-quality professional measurement tools such as "Robert measurement scale" can be measured by sending a laser beam after leaving the apparatus, and then reflected back to reach the measured object contained in the distance. The measuring accuracy within 300 feet to 1 inch. "Robert Gauge" now sells for 1,050 Singapore dollars each. Manufacturers want more and more products enter the market, the price can be reduced. Stamler is responsible for intelligence production line management tools, laser measuring tools to predict in 5 years will be the dominant force in the market.

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