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The birth of a new generation of measurement tools drilling
发布者:admin  日期:2010/1/4  点击:1503

      Recently, Schlumberger held in Shenzhen, Shekou, a new generation of measurement tools drilling technology conference, also to China, Japan and Korea introduced to solve big oil formation evaluation, drilling and other geological problems and optimization-oriented technology products, industry experts say This group of technology is the measurement of oil and gas exploration and development drilling a leap.

      The launch of a series of technologies, including 5. Multi-function pulsed neutron LWD tool to provide the industry's most advanced LWD data, eliminate the risks of traditional chemical sources, improve operating efficiency; formation pressure measurement tool drilling mud weight and thus easy to optimize the higher drilling efficiency and better wear rate of the reservoir drilling purposes; high-speed telemetry-while-drilling data transmission system for the harsh environment and the complexity of drilling high temperature, high pressure wells geosteering optimized to improve drilling efficiency, increase production of great help.

      In addition, the directional drilling of deep imaging tools and new technology support center operations are the latest international technology.

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