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The field of precision measuring instruments and the international advanced level in urgent need to shorten the gap
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Important measuring meter

Precision instruments at the national engineering research center between the precision instrument commissioning, staff tap the button, fixed the car on a test platform for quickly turning up gear, next to the computer screen, figure beating fast. Just over 10 seconds, the measurement results will be displayed next to the value of measured values and tolerance, people at a glance. Chao, deputy chief engineer of the Research Center of Taiwan has just developed its own success in this rapidly evaluating machine is this assessment: "As the test speed, high degree of automation, coupled with low prices, to meet one hundred percent of automobile manufacturers to achieve rapid detection of gear to ensure the quality and safety of the national car. the equipment to fill the domestic auto gear online detection and sorting technology in the field blank. "

"Saying, NC CNC machine tool is teeth, precision measuring instruments are the eyes of CNC machine tools. They promote each other, closely related, equipment, services, and promote the manufacturing of CNC machining equipment, especially digital technology." Chengdu Tool The senior engineer and doctoral tutor Kun Xie, for example, that hit.

Relevant statistics show that after decades of measuring the construction industry and development, and has formed a relatively complete product, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system, a large number of outside Japan with the world's second producer. However, as the basis for numerical control cutting technology, tool manufacturing industry in the measuring instruments of the technical levels and performance quality, etc., with foreign advanced level there are still a big gap.

Highlights been made measuring

And then from the visual to the simple measurement of precision measurement, measuring technological progress to a certain extent to protect the manufacturing technology. Has also worked well-known scientist Qian said: "Information technology, including measurement techniques, computer technology and communication technology. Measurement technology is the key and foundation."

China Machine Tool Industry Association official told reporters, precision machine tool manufacturing requires not only the accuracy, stability, and tools, fixtures, to ensure the accuracy, precision measuring tools also need to calibrate the meter to measure. "Some are in the process (such as knife instrument); some subsequent testing (such as gear measuring instruments)."

Industry experts said the wind power industry, for example, power generation equipment, key parts, such as some typical turbine blades, rotors and rotor slot round the typical trough embedded in parts of the processing and testing, to a certain extent, represent and reflect a state of advanced cutting technology and CNC tool, digital measuring technology and measuring instruments and level of the latest achievements, so much the concern of tool manufacturing industry.

Is gratifying that the meter measuring the domestic manufacturing enterprises in recent years in digital technology and digital display measuring tools on the independent development of products to increase investment, has achieved tremendous results. Measuring the past few years made a simple digital LCD display strip development to more complex dynamic simulation of liquid crystal surface shape of the image display, digital calipers capacitive resolution of 0.01 mm from the development to 0.001 mm, measurement accuracy and reliability of has improved significantly. Continuously improve the waterproof and dustproof performance (from IP54 up to IP65, now up to IP67), also enhanced the domestic digital measuring competitiveness in the market.

Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Hardy volume) in the last 10 years continue to strengthen the gear measuring instruments, surface roughness and contour measuring instrument measuring instrument development and fabrication of precision instruments such as the advantages, the successful development of the current maximum of 2 meters of domestic CNC gear measuring instrument, become the most competitive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments.

National Precision Tool Engineering Research Center, Chengdu Tool Research Institute, said Luo Defu, so far, the center of new tool materials, tool materials, surface modification techniques, gear measuring instruments and other aspects of the results has been the leading domestic level. Through unremitting efforts, now has the most advanced, proprietary manufacturing equipment, precision tools, the establishment of the industrial base, sophisticated tools in the Chinese R & D, process equipment and industrial capacity to develop by leaps and bounds as a whole, some results have been close to or reach the world advanced level.

"Dual-frequency laser interferometer," is the central core of self-developed products, and now the country will also only have the technology of the Centre, to produce the device. It changed the Chinese successful development of long-term dependence on imports in the field situation. Chao just proud to say: "a number of features of the instrument to break the blockade of foreign technology, detection resolution of 0.02 microns, detected up to 20 meters in length. The price is much lower than similar foreign products in the international community, this instrument can be Britain and other countries with similar products in the level of a summary! "

Three areas needs to be done

Although in many fields has made remarkable progress, but the industry believes that the instruments of precision measurement technology and the status is still far from meeting the domestic machinery and equipment industry demand for rapid development, particularly in the advanced measurement techniques and fundamental research instruments , common development of key technology gap with foreign countries is growing.

Xie Hua Kun that, compared to the tool, the meter area in the gap between our country and abroad more, mainly in the following three technology areas:

The first CNC machine tool measuring technology and instruments, in particular the laser measurement system is represented by high-precision dynamic and static accuracy of CNC machine tools and performance testing technology and accuracy compensation technology. Laser measurement system is mainly used for high-performance CNC machine tools and coordinate measuring machines and other high-precision numerical control equipment, testing and evaluation. Chengdu Tool Research Institute of the development and production of domestic-based laser interferometer measurement systems, and advanced level still lags far behind.

Second, CNC tool measuring technology and instruments, particularly high-precision CNC CNC tool measuring technology, CNC machine tools in the CNC tool measuring technology and measuring technology and instrument preset. High accuracy, fully automatic tool presetting measuring instrument series, for example, development of a late start in China in 2005, machine tool exhibition in Beijing and Tianjin have the amount Kazakhstan debut exhibited by the door with a digital CCD area array Tool presetting measuring instrument prototype. Besides the domestic Tianjin door, into the amount of Dengjun in the development, but the technical level, there is a gap on the quality.

Third, for the production site in the machine / line digital measurement technology and instruments, especially the sophisticated contour machining of measuring and feedback correction compensation technology and devices, such as CNC forming gear grinding of measuring techniques and devices, turbine blade-site On-line measurement techniques and devices.

Reflect the industry experts had pointed out that in the past the Institute of Mechanical industry professionals across the board, all inputs into technological development led to reduced business, loss of key technical personnel, to precision measuring instruments manufacturing industry has been adversely affected. In this regard, Xie Hua Kun that the relevant state departments to take measures as soon as possible, through preferential policies, increase the "National Precision Tool Engineering Technology Development Center" inputs, selective and appropriate to restore or build a limited number of non-profit, national Professional Institute funded, focusing on the relevant national economy, the development of high-tech defense industry, guide and promote the improvement of industry technical standards

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