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Auto parts giant to enter through the acquisition of dynamic measurement tool market success
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In 2006, the company and its approximately 250 employees were created about 11 million U.S. dollars (880 million euros) in sales. The acquisition of both companies have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Bosch Power Tools Global Uwe Raschke, president, said: "By acquiring RoboToolz, we will measure the full potential of the market maintain the growth momentum. We hope to fully tap the worldwide market potential." Laser measuring devices, detection devices and laser Level measurement tools such as intelligent professional users and DIY (Do It Yourself) planning and work to bring users more convenience, such as: accurate measurement of slope angle or distance. Bosch is a fast-growing field of measurement tools, services, a family of professional users and DIY leading suppliers. As an innovation leader, Bosch offers a variety of products for professional users, including the world's smallest laser measuring instrument. In addition, Bosch is the first successful launch in the European DIY market, the laser measuring instrument business.

With power tools, accessories, garden tools and measuring technology, Bosch Power Tools to 2006 sales of 2.8 billion euros, of which 90% came from outside Germany. The department has about 14,500 worldwide employees.

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