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Cutting the amount of Chinese workers in Wenling Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition
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         September 29 morning, by the Chinese machinery and electronic products import and export of Wenling City Chamber of Commerce and organized the 2010 exhibition of Chinese workers cutting the amount of Wenling in the newly completed Convention Center, the exhibition attracted 500 exhibitors across the country, from Europe, Middle East, and foreign businessmen have come to purchase. 
         Hong Xu Road, former vice chairman of CPPCC Provincial Committee, deputy secretary, mayor Wu Wei-rong, chairman of China CCCME Jing Zhang Yu, the Ministry of Commerce Wang Weidong, deputy director of Quota License Administration, Department of Commerce Qin Zhong discipline inspection team leader, Provincial Exhibition Association President Wang Changyou some countries such as leadership and diplomats attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition.

         Wenling cutting tool industry is the amount of work the traditional characteristics of industries, after 30 years of carefully built, the existing volume of more than 500 workers cutting tool manufacturers, cutting the amount of more than 1,000 workers commerce companies, more than 1 million marketing personnel throughout the country, the total sales cutting the country's total working volume of about 40% of GDP. Since 2006, Wenling have been held for a fourth the amount of cutting work exhibition, a total of 1,344 exhibiting companies, number of booths of 1871, on-site turnover of 7.9 billion, the intention to reach 1.51 billion contract. This exhibition is held the first national Wenling exhibition booth exhibition area of 12,000 square meters 503.

         Wenling newly built Convention Centre is the city's landmark projects, located in the south of the city center of Road, North Rd east, with a total land area of about 120 acres, including a land area of 51 mu, building area of 11,770 square meters, planning 400 multiple indoor standard booths; two of about 51 acres of land area, design underground garage, air defense fortifications and pavilions, planning more than 600 indoor standard booths.




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