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Measuring meter national standard committee fourth meeting was held in Chengdu
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        Measuring meter National Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC132) fourth meeting in June 2009 from 11 to 15 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province held. The meeting was attended measuring meter Fourth National Standardization Technical Committee, the branch members and other 95 persons; the end of 2008 the newly established Committee of the National Standard digital measuring meter device all members of the Technical Committee also attended the meeting. Standardization Administration of an industry-standard equipment at the CDC, China Machinery Industry Federation Director of Standards Division Tanxiang Ning and other leaders invited to the speech and issued a new certificate. Tan Xiangning focused on the standard committee under the new situation, the work of innovation and planning in the implementation of the equipment manufacturing industry, the standardization of how to support, to enhance the overall level of standard. By the meeting, members are welcome. 

        The new national measuring meter standard committee chairman, Wang Luzhou, director of the Chengdu Tool Research Institute made a written statement, said, "Facing the new situation, shoulder the important task of the times, have the confidence to the national measuring standard committee's work into the meter a new stage, the industry standard for the measuring meter contribute to the cause, we do not live up to the leadership and the trust. " Measuring meter national standard committee informed the Secretary-General of Dunning and composition of this general program, the National Constitution measuring meter standard committee described the changes made. The meeting unanimously adopted a new charter standard committee. 

        Arrangements in accordance with the agenda, the meeting grouped in three sub-standard committee should be completed this year's "model of involute gears" and other 11 countries, the industry standard of review is issued for a review, agreed with the opinions. According to the agenda, the participating members, the representatives also released in 2003 and 2004 to implement the 23 standards and 35 national industry standards were reviewed, the review reached the same conclusions. 

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