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WACO Tool Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., formerly known as New Blade Tin Measuring Co., Ltd., is the second restructuring of Wuxi Measuring Tools Factory. It has been engaged in tool production for more than 40 years. Products and tools are mainly divided into four categories: measuring tools, measuring tools and machine tools. Tools, tools and products of various specifications, including saws, cutters, center drills, solid carbide cutters, and reamers, end milling cutters and non-standard cutters. Measuring tools are mainly digital micrometer, digital vernier caliper and large caliper. Measuring instrument products are mainly measuring instruments active inside and outside the circle...
Company products are tools, measuring tools, measuring instruments, fixture and inspection tools, machine tools top-five. Tool products to the saw blade (cut) milling film, center drill, float boring, and with various types of reamers, milling and non-standard tools; measuring tools, products cover a large (heavy) vernier caliper, vernier caliper series of special claws, micrometer, electronic micrometer, height gauge dash size series; measuring instrument products are mainly active inside and outside the circle measuring instrument, test gauges, instruments and integrated test gear jumping machine, fixture, and submit the key, including non-standard plug and ring gauges, the kinds of complex tooling and jigs, and other high precision position submit; machine tools are drills, end mills dedicated grinding groove machine, the high rolling mill.
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