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Coating Thickness Gauge PTG-3550

Product Overview:
PHASE ‖ PTG-3550 series of thickness using eddy current and magnetic induction principle to be completed by measuring the thickness of two ways. Two non-destructive measurement methods are very accurate. Unmatched by the two arbitrary thickness, you can easily use the built-in sensor type or sensor type to detect external magnetic substrates (iron based) or non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic matrix (non-iron based) on the insulator.
PHASE ‖ PTG-3550 suitable for many industrial fields such as manufacturing, general engineering, chemical inspection.
PTG-3550 automatic identification using an external probe iron-based or non-ferrous base and is equipped with two substrate samples (steel, aluminum), 4 the thickness of the calibration test block, equipment boxes, batteries and operating manual.

 main parameters:
●Measuring range :0-1000um or 0-40Mils
●Resolution: 0.1um/0.01mils (0-99um) or 1mm (over 100um)
●Ensure tolerance: a little after calibration = / -1-3% n or 2um
●Display: 4 digits
●Minimum measuring area:5mm*5mm
●A small curvature: convex 0.12 "(3mm) concave: 1.2" (30mm)
●Minimum substrate thickness:
●Iron: 20mils (0.5mm)
● Non-Ferrous: 2mils (50mm)
● Calibration: zero calibration / calibration foil
● the north side of the surface maximum temperature: 302 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees C)
● longest contact time: 2 seconds
● Power Supply: 4 AAA batteries
● Size: 161 * 69 * 32mm
● Weight: 260g

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